Small country station
This smaller station is based on the building designed and constructed by Buildings Bespoke Ltd at Groudle Glen, on the Groudle Glen Railway on the Isle of Man. Our design is slightly different in that there is a separate door into the booking office, but we hope that we've managed to capture the essence of what is a very attractive building. This building is available as a plan pack which means you provide and cut out your own material. We provide the plan, door and windows and glazing.
Groudle Glen basic kit
Groudle Glen decorated kit
Small country station assembled from the basic plan using
the doors and windows provided in the plan pack and the
material you provide and cut out.

Small country station painted and customised using our textured plastic sheets to look like Groudle Glen station
Groudle Glen model
Groudle Glen
Small country station shown on the Colesbrook & Peacemarsh Light Railway The original Groudle Glen station.
Photo by kind permission of Martin Prior and Buildings Bespoke Ltd
Dimensions: Length = 340 mm (13 3/8"), Depth = 195 mm (7 3/4"), Height = 195 mm (7 3/4")

Plan pack (order code W09) - Retail price: 16.50