Signal Box
This simple signal box can be customised to become a very attractive building. The basic design is intended to be durable and robust but exterior fittings can enhance its appearance - squirrels, birds and the neighbourhood's cats permitting!
Signal box Signal box

Signal box - assembled and undecorated
The kit includes pre-cut pieces, doors and windows

Signal box

Signal box - assembled and painted
The plan pack includes doors and windows

Signal box Signal box
The basic signal box with a straightforward colour scheme and a modified door. The window glazing bars can be removed from the frame so that it can be painted separately. No problems having to get paint off the glazing bars when you slip! This is a customised version of the signal box prepared for the Exeter Garden Railway Show using our textured plastic sheets - black roofing, clapboard siding and bricks. An additional door has been inserted on the first floor with steps leading up to it. It shows how the basic kit can be adapted with a few extra pieces.

Dimensions: Length = 175 mm (67/8"), Depth = 147 mm (53/4"), Height = 250 mm (93/4")

Plan pack (order code W04) including 1 door and 8 windows - Retail price: 16.50 (US$33.00); Trade price
Kit (order code WK04) - Retail price: 32.50 (US$65.00); Trade price