Country Station
This station building is very straightforward to assemble and yet can be customised to look very substantial. The building comprises two rooms - a waiting room and a booking office which uses our narrow 2 pane window from which to sell tickets!
Country station Country station

Country station - assembled but undecorated
Country station

Country station - assembled and painted
Plan pack includes doors and windows
Modified station

This station has been modified to have an awning rather than
a sloping roof. The window frames can be separated from the
glazing bars and painted separately. No problems slipping
with the paint brush and having to clean paint off the glazing bars!

Modified station

Read Ian Sharples' review of our kit and how he produced this prize winning entry that won him the Mike Longden cup at the 2008 G Rail exhibition, showing just what you can do with our basic kit and some imagination!

(By kind permission of Jason Palmer and the G Scale Mad forum)
Modified station Modified station
Two nice versions of the station made by Ian Darby of Nostalgic Miniatures. We'd love to see pictures of how you've customised your station.

Dimensions: Length = 370 mm (14 1/2"), Width = 260 mm (10 1/4"), Height = 218 mm (8 5/8")

Plan pack (order code W03) including 2 doors and 7 windows - Retail price: 16.50 (US$33.00); Trade price