Goods Shed
This goods shed comprises the basic shed with loading/unloading platform and an integral office where the paperwork gets done! You can hinge the loading bay doors so that they open and close and if you can customise your goods shed simply by adding doors at each end.
Goods shed Goods shed

Goods shed - assembled and undecorated
with the doors fixed in the position.
Goods shed

Goods shed - assembled and painted, with
hinges fitted to the doors allowing them
to be opened and closed.
The plan pack includes doors, windows and glazing.

Goods shed Goods shed
A modified version of our goods shed with rounded entrance to increase the clearance and end doors to protect the shed from the elements.

Ian Sharples' adaption of our goods shed showing the detail you can add to make your goods shed unique.

Dimensions: Length = 370 mm (14 1/2"), Width = 250 mm (9 3/4"), Height = 300 mm (11 3/4")

Plan pack (order code W02) includes 2 doors, 7 windows and a glazing sheet for the windows - Retail price: 16.50 (US$33.00); Trade price