Engine Shed
This versatile engine shed can accommodate all but the very largest of locos. If you need extra space all you need do is increase the roof and side dimensions to make it longer. We have been asked if the shed can be made double width and the answer is yes! Just modify two roof pieces so that they form the middle valley and omit the two sides which will be on the inside of the building. You will need to provide some means of support for the roof. You don't want it to collapse!

The lean-to office building can be attached to the left side or the right side of the shed or even to the back.
Engine shed Engine shed

Engine shed - after construction and before painting
Engine shed

Engine shed - completed
The plan pack includes doors and windows
Engine shed

The lean-to office can be placed to the left or right.

Don't forget to seal the bottom edge of the material if you use plywood or moisture-proof MDF to construct your engine shed, to prevent moisture 'wicking' up into the building. Suggested sealants are liquid rubber (used for repairing flat roofs), fibreglass resin (diluted with cellulose thinners), silicone or even exterior PVA glue.
Dimensions: Length = 370 mm (14 1/2"), Width (including lean-to office) = 330 mm (13"), Height = 322 mm (12 5/8")

Plan pack (order code W01) including 3 doors and 6 windows and hinges & pins for the doors - Retail price: 16.50; Trade price