External Fittings
Brick arch pediment

Place over your Victorian 4 pane windows and doors. The arch can be extended by splitting and joining part of a second pediment. The arch is 3 3/8" inches wide and 1" high.

Prices per pediment.

Retail price: 0.60 (US$1.20); Trade price - order code: C13

Brick arch pediment

These decorative Georgian or Victorian railings are ideal for doll house basement! They are 7 1/4" long and 3 1/4" high.

Retail price each: 0.95 (US$2.40); Trade price - order code: C14

Georgian/Victorian railing
Roofing materials

Authentic slate roofing in a single sheet!
This roofing is made of grey vacuum formed high impact plastic and is sufficiently wide to roof most doll houses in only two sheets (front and back). We have a few slightly marked sheets remaining which are suitable for painting. First quality sheets are available from Baccraft Miniatures (www.baccraftminiatures.com)

Grey roofing - 283/4" (730mm) wide by 133/4" (350mm) high
Retail price: 5.00; - order code: C11

Slate roofing
Slate roofing SGR (colour: slate grey)
Sheet size: 283/4" (730mm) wide by 133/4" (350mm) high
Plastic Textured Pattern Sheets

We import these high quality textured plastic sheets from our Canadian distributor. They can be used in their natural coloured finish or painted using acrylic model paint to create a superior appearance.

Prices and description:

Rough bricks
Rough Bricks. (colour: brick red)
Sheet size: 24" wide by 14" high (610mm x 355mm)
Individual bricks are 18mm long by 6mm high

Retail price: 5.00; Trade price - order code: C7

Dressed stone wall
Dressed Stone. (colour: sand)
Sheet size: 24" wide by 7" high (610mm x 175mm)
Individual stones are 22 to 50mm long by 13.5mm high

Retail price: 2.50; Trade price - order code: C9

Field stone
Field Stone. (colour: sand)
Sheet size: 24" wide by 14" high (610mm x 355mm)

Retail price: 5.00; Trade price - order code: C10

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